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Sep 18, 2020

The gang at The Produce Stand discuss episode 1 of season 2 of Letterkenny titled, 'A Fuss at the Ag Hall'. New seasons mean new characters and new storylines. Will Tanya and Victor appreciates the promise of Season 2?


Episode Limerick

At the AG Hall, McMurray is Prez,
But the others, want Wayne there instead,
The motion is passed,
'Cause Dickens talks fast,
Making Wayne the new Ag Hall head.


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Featured Music

  • Don McKellar by The New Values (Spotify)
  • Drunkformation by Drunkformer
  • Luckiest Man Alive by Annakin Slayd (Spotify)
  • Hawt by Brillz & Ghastly (Spotify)
  • Path of Destruction by Drillfist
  • Shake Shake Shake by White Denim (Spotify)
  • 8 Seconds by Speed To Kill
  • gurn wars by Segal