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Jan 8, 2021

The gang at The Produce Stand discuss episode 1 of season 4 of Letterkenny titled, 'Never Work a Day in Your Life'.


Episode Limerick

I started a podcast for Letterkenny,
Despite there already being many,
Things started a bit slow,
As more episodes show,
So here’s hoping for at least another twenty!

I try to be the calm host,
To me, the Skids bomb most,
Sure as my trains have cabooses,
Mat threatens to cut me looses,
Every time I dare give a compost,

Not sure why Al decided to picked me,
Although shit got real in season 3,
I’m still not sure I get it,
But now my appetite is whetted,
‘Cause I’m constantly Distracted by the D

Now we kick off season 4s,
Wayne and Rosy are no mores,
But Stormy is depressed,
And Cito is a mess,
Thanks to the puppers relations are restoreds.


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