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Mar 26, 2021

The gang at The Produce Stand discuss episode 4 of season 5 of Letterkenny titled, 'Letterkenny Spelling Bee'.


Episode Limerick

Katy was queen of the Spelling Bee,
‘Til she lost her title to a silent ‘E’,
Stewart aims to repeat,
While McMurray and Coach cheat,
But Katy wins, to the audience’s glee!


Postage.Store MVP

Victor: Jim Dickens
Mat: Squirrelly Dan
Tanya: Squirrelly Dan
Al: Wayne
Dennis: Jim Dickens


Final Rating

Fresh Clearance Compost




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Dennis' Favourites

  • Season 1: Super Soft Birthday
  • Season 2: Uncle Eddie's Trust
  • Season 3: The Battle for Bonnie McMurray
  • Season 4: Letterkenny Talent Show
  • Season 5: The Ol' College Try