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Welcome to The Produce Stand Podcast

Jul 13, 2020

Letterkenny Logo

Al is a big fan of Letterkenny. He thinks it's one of the best, funniest and most inclusive shows to come out of Canada. His wife Tanya thinks he's crazy, so Al has created this podcast along with his friends Mat and Victor to try to convince Tanya that he's not crazy. Will they succeed or will Tanya convince them that they're wrong?

If you're a fan of the Canadian show Letterkenny, then you'll want to subscribe to this feed. We're going to talk about each episode of the show and hopefully entertain you as we do it.

We know there are other Letterkenny podcasts, but hopefully this one will offer up something different.

Stay tuned.

We've got a little choring to do, but we'll be back soon with the first episode!